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Our reclaimed wood can be used as floors, beams, mantels and siding.

Our unique antique reclaimed wood comes from old barns as much as 200 years old

Antique reclaimed wood flooring, from the farms to your floor



A job order containing a full description of your order, to include estimated shipping dates and prepaid shipping costs will be mailed, faxed or emailed to you, your choice. We request that you please sign the agreement and return it to Plantation Reclaimed Inc. with a deposit of 50% of your total order. Upon receipt of your deposit and signed agreement, we will begin processing your order. We require that the remaining balance be paid in full before shipment.




Shipping is figured by the distance it must travel, and the weight and length of your order.


Please email or call us if your specific needs are not found or listed.


Important Notice


It is important to note that all real wood flooring must be allowed to climatize to the inside of your house for 7 to 10 days minimum prior to any installation. This helps reduce any chance of extreme expansion or contractions of the joints once your flooring has been installed. Remember, wood is an equalizer and will lose or take on surrounding ambient moisture conditions. This is why your home moves with the different seasons of the year.


Our Total Quality Warranty

Plantation Reclaimed warrants that for a period of 5 days from delivery to you, Plantation Reclaimed’s products are milled to the specifications agreed upon by Plantation Reclaimed for your order, and are guaranteed prior to installation.

If Plantation Reclaimed determines the products to not be milled to the specifications agreed upon by Plantation Reclaimed for the order within the warranty period referenced above, the products may be replaced or repaired at the option of Plantation Reclaimed at its expense, including authorized transportation, but only if such claims are made in writing to Plantation Reclaimed within ten (10) days of the discovery within the warranty period. CUSTOMER ACKNOWLEDGES AND AGREES THAT PLANTATION RECLAIMED’S LIABILITY FOR ANY VALID CLAIM UNDER THIS LIMITED WARRANTY SHALL BE LIMITED TO THE REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT OF THE PRODUCT, OR RETURN OF THE AMOUNT PAID BY CUSTOMER FOR THE AFFECTED PRODUCT. THE FOREGOING LIMITED WARRANTY IS IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES AND NO REPRESENTATIONS, GUARANTEES, OR WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, ARE MADE BY PLANTATION RECLAIMED IN CONNECTION WITH THE PRODUCTS. No employee, distributor, or representative is authorized to change this limited warranty in any way or grant any other warranty on behalf of Plantation Reclaimed .

Customer acknowledges that the products of Plantation Reclaimed are natural products, which are subject to degradation and changes over time as any other naturally occurring product. Plantation Reclaimed will fill the order from the Customer, but will not otherwise guarantee the product, other than as expressly set forth herein under the limited warranty above. Customer acknowledges that many factors affecting the product are outside of the control of Plantation Reclaimed and are naturally occurring, such as temperature, moisture, transportation, and the condition of the wood at the time received by Plantation Reclaimed, none of which can be controlled by Plantation Reclaimed. Therefore, Plantation Reclaimed has no liability whatsoever for these naturally occurring conditions or the effect that they may have on the product. In addition to the other disclaimer provisions set forth herein, Plantation Reclaimed offers certain suggestions below on how to handle the product, but these do not constitute a warranty or guarantee regarding the product being sold.

Customer has read and understands these terms and conditions and agrees that Customer has accepted any and all terms and conditions contained herein or an attachment hereto. Any additional or contradictory terms or conditions contained in any acknowledgment, invoice, purchase order, change or other communication, oral or written, heretofore or hereafter furnished by Customer is hereby objected to by Plantation Reclaimed and shall be of no force or effect. A paid deposit constitutes acceptance of these “Terms and Conditions” and acceptance of the estimate/order as written.

Acclimation time frame is dependent on many factors including the conditions and climate at time of delivery. The goal is to ensure the moisture content of the wood is relative to the living conditions and remains consistent; generally industry recommends a 30-50% humidity level and 60-80 degree temperatures. Industry acclimation recommendations for unfinished flooring are 7-10 days and pre-finished flooring 10-14 days. Acclimation is highly recommended.Open naturally occurring characteristics (open knot holes, nail holes, checking) are standard in unfinished products. Wood filler can be used to fill these characteristics. Please talk with your installer regarding this process. If installing yourself, please discuss with your sales rep. Although there are many different thoughts and practices on which installation method is best, Plantation Reclaimed suggests adhering to the National Wood Flooring Association guidelines on hardwood floor installation.

Plantation Reclaimed products may contain naturally occurring characteristics including, but not limited to, sound knots, open knots, sound checking, nail holes, remnant insect tracking, original surface patina, over/under wood, color variation, snipes, and/or lead paint. Samples, submittal samples, or images of samples or previous installations of this natural material are to be used as a general guide. Although we do not test the original painted barnwood, any old paint prior to the 70’s will contain lead paint. Sealing the wood is optional. Samples are not a direct representation on an entire floor. Samples, pictures or representations Plantation Reclaimed provides are to demonstrate the general characteristics and appearance of that product and are in no way a guarantee all characteristics are shown or all characteristics shown will appear in your order. Every flooring piece and completed floor is truly one of a kind.


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