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Reclaimed wood is the best way to recycle wooden articles from old, unused, dilapidated or just plain neglected barns, warehouses, and such. This indirectly leads to a decline in the demand for new wood from the forests of this endangered world we live in today.

There are various ways of making the best out of reclaimed wood, most of the times in building the parts of a new house. Whether it?s re-building your urban home to give it a rustic feel or building yourself a country cabin in the woods, nothing can replace the aged feel and color-tone of reclaimed wood.

Everyone loves the warmth and homely feel that a good-flooring can provide in your dwelling.  Well, Plantation Reclaimed wood makes for the best flooring surface ever. There are various types of woods that will provide character to any area of the house. Tobacco road is one such type, which was used by the free- men of this country during the 19th and early 20th century.  Farmers primarily Tobacco farmers, living in the most fertile valleys of Pennsylvania, used a mixture of species and built sidings and roof rafters for their barns, where they would dry the harvest, which in return gave the pine wood it?s heavy color, and with regular weathering and stains gave it?s character. Hence, wood reclaimed from these barns is termed Tobacco road. The Southern Reclaimed Heart Pine, recognized by its rich yellow tone and the best in grain quality, is an ode to the American Manufacturing era. These were as beams in most of the biggest manufacturing mills of this country. The mighty Oak tree and its strength is the very symbol of the American barn that eventually led to the greatness that it upholds. Resawn beams from the oldest of barns, these are used to create the best of oak hardwood wide planks, that will give your home the warmth it deserves. Fireplace mantels provide character and style to your fireplace like no other. Built with reclaimed wood, these give the area a natural and contemporary form. Hand Hewn Antique Mantels are sourced from wood that is aged naturally as they were tried and tested as structural timber. These still bear the axe-marks from the time they were cut and shaped. Rough Sawn Antique Mantels bear the axe-marks of the pioneer-age, when the industry was beginning to take shape. The mantels are proof of the long-tradition of American wood-craftsmanship.

Antique Barn sidings, full of rusty nail holes and deep textures can give the interior or exterior unparalleled and ageless beauty that cannot be matched by processed wood-types. They can be found in various types, ranging from the Grey-brown antique barn siding to the faded grey barn siding to the all naturally faded red barn siding and finally the faced planned exterior barn siding. Reclaimed beams have also been proven to make excellent tiles, yes you read that right. Wood tiles are all the rage and gave the area it is being used a whole new dimension. Contact us today to see how you can incorporate reclaimed wood products into your home or business. It will certainly add one-of-a-kind, unique character to any area!